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I love your blog and I've been curious to ask. What do you do for a living now and what are your future goals for a career in the future?


Ah, thank you so much! Love your blog too, you’re gorgeous! :)
I usually hate this question because I feel like I never have anything interesting to say. Growing up I was always pressured into thinking that only lots of education will get you somewhere in life. But, I never had that mindset. I don’t have any dreams or plans for the future and sometimes I feel guilty and like a failure because of that. Right now I’m working at a local store, I’ve done pretty much anything from factories to office work. I like it that way. I like experiencing different things and I don’t really give a fuck what people think about it. I hope that answers your question. :P




Analog Hell.



where in ontario do you live?



Depressed as fuck lately.

The Anatomy of the Bones and Muscles

From  Alberto Martini’s Danza Macabra Europea, 1915.